I'm Smári. I'm a programmer, political activist, and writer. I live in Sarajevo, where I run the technology team at OCCRP. I'm also the chairman of the board of the European Pirate Party, and I'm a board member of IMMI.

Check out my projects, the books I've been involved with, my longer form articles, my shorter rants, and my little notes.

Recent rants

· Fjórtán litlir krossar

Íslenska · Um 2 mínútna lestur · Lýðræði

· Þurfum við aðra öld af mannvonsku?

Íslenska · Um 6 mínútna lestur · Þjóðernishyggja Nauðungaflutningar

· Sokkinn kostnaður ríkisins í hugbúnaðargerð

Íslenska · Um 5 mínútna lestur · Ríkisútgjöld Hugbúnaður

· Bulk and memory

English · About 3 minutes read · Software JSON

· It's time to stop being hypocrites

English · About 3 minutes read · Free Speech Politics
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· Learning to Live with Perpetual Information Warfare

English · About 17 minutes read

· Where States Go To Die: Military Artifacts, International Espionage And The End Of Liberal Democracy

English · About 9 minutes read

· Passing Over Eisenhower

English · About 6 minutes read

· Crowdsourcing the Constitution - Lessons from Iceland

English · About 1 minutes read

· Engineering our Way out of Fascism

English · About 22 minutes read
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· Physics Gravity
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